Wallee by Katon.io

the gateway to Web3 technology.

Securely buy, store, sell & transfer crypto assets.


Wallee's goal is to become the all-in-one crypto & fiat management app. It quickly sets you up to start selling, buying or transfering digital assets in the ecosystem to create passive income.

Quick Transfers

We offer a quick solution to send and receive cryptocurrencies between users. Scan a QR code to automatically setup secure transfers between friends and family.

Account Syncing

Wallee lives in Katon.io's dApp ecosystem. We're entering an era powered with a daily use of crypto assets. Wallee automatically syncs accounts created from all projects in our ecosystem.


Wallee's integrated marketplace facilitates the sale and purchase of digital assets. Starting with digital art (NFTs), we are working towards offering a diversified range of products to become the go-to crypto investment platform.

Hybrid Experience

Wallee, powered by Katon.io's Core API, offer hybrid solutions to foster mass adoption. Users can enjoy a non custodial experience to keep the ecosystem decentralized. Beginners may choose to trust us with the custody of their private key.


Connect and interact with wallets from different networks. We currently support MultiversX (Elrond) and BNB Chain. We'll soon expand to other EVMs and more.

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Purchase, store, and collect NFTs. Exchange & earn crypto.